My Journey

Health is mutli-faceted and touches every area of our life. From a young age, I struggled to be content with who I was.  I bought into a lie that if I looked a certain way, perfected my physical image, that then I could be good enough. I was restless, striving. One can imagine how this impacted my relationship with food. No longer was food a  blessing through which I nourished my body. Instead, it was a temptation I had to avoid as much as possible. I was in BONDAGE to food and the idol of myself.


A gift was given to me as I discovered that there is more to life than this struggle. God had given me value and purpose. Through this truth, I experienced FREEDOM from the emotional bondage and began the process of restoring a healthy relationship with food.

My journey continues, and as a tree has need, my roots must get stronger. But as I grow, I am thriving.

However, I soon discovered a frustrating dilemma. Not all food is good. Our modern culture has created “food” that is no longer real. People can be free emotionally, but bound by the physical dysfunction in our food system that oppresses their health. Thus, I discovered a need for BALANCE in health. I do not have to be consumed by food. Instead, I must take ownership of my food choices. This led to a great passion for nutrient dense food and understanding how our bodies are designed to function when fueled properly. As a certified nutritional therapist, I now love to work with people on the root issues of their health, empowering them with truth that allows them to experience freedom and balance in health. 


My journey continues, and as a tree has need, my roots must get stronger. But as I grow, I am thriving.

Thriving Health Nutritional Therapy of Alfred, NY

Maria Boyuk, FNTP


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