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Local Spotlights: Living Acre’s Potatoes

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Last week I embarked on the adventure of digging for treasures in rich soil. Potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables to harvest because of this treasure hunt experience. They are also a delicious and nutritious vegetable to enjoy in season and then add to my winter storage. So far I have served them in my homemade potato salad and grilled as seasoned wedges.

In many homes, potatoes have grown unpopular as low carbohydrate diets have become the trend. They are definitely more starchy than most vegetables, but is comparable to a hearty sourdough bread in its carbohydrate content. If you are needing to lose weight or do not tolerate nightshades, potatoes are one of the many foods you should cut out for a season. However, after resolving health concerns, they should be one of the first starches which you add back. They are packed with nutrients, easy to digest, and an excellent source of energy. If your diet includes bread, pasta, rice, or other grains, I recommend you start switching them out for some yummy potatoes. Be sure to keep them in their whole form---- store bought potato chips do not count!

Remember how the Irish depended on this vegetable for survival? It became popular in Europe in the mid 1500’s when it was brought over from the Indes. The European’s found that it was easier to cultivate than wheat and it stored well in winter. The potatoes also saved lives from deadly scurvy because of its high vitamin C content. This crop provides more power for your performance than most vegetables. And along with this energy and vitamin C, their nutritional profile includes antioxidants, vitamin B6, manganese, iron, and more potassium than a banana! [1][2]

I have been cooking with Russets and Amazing Molly’s (which are a beautiful purple!). You can also find the following varieties at Living Acres: Adirondack red, Adirondack blue, French fingerlings, Chieftain and white potato ny155.

So, will you be enjoying potatoes soon? I would love to hear which variety you choose, and how you prepare it!



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