While the journey to restoring your health is exciting, it is easy to feel confused

or derailed in our modern world. You are inundated with health fads and myths

—unending “noise” declaring how to resolve your symptoms. 

Your health needs to be supported at the roots. And I can come along side you

to accomplish that..to provide the guidance, resources, and answers you need

to achieve your health goals. 


Are You Ready

I can help you as a nutritionist and health coach if you are ready to

  • Enjoy delicious foods that build your health.

  • Relearn basic health truths to nourish your body.

  • Be committed to the next generation: Pass on health to your children, be a voice for real food, and enjoy the time you have with those you love.

  • Invest your time and money into a lifestyle of health that allows you to thrive.


Learn about

A 5-week nutrition program for to kick start change! 

Private Consultations

Nutritional Evaluation and Planning

A 3-week nutrition program for kids! 

Kid's Restart 

Thriving Health Nutritional Therapy of Alfred, NY

Maria Boyuk, FNTP



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