Nutritional Evaluation and Planning

If you struggle with any of the following, nutritional therapy may be very beneficial for you:

-Allergies or asthma

-Autoimmune diseases

-Bacterial, yeast, and fungal overgrowths,

-Celiac Disease

-Chronic pain


-Digestive Disorders

-Endocrine disorders

-Excess weight


-Musculoskeletal problems

-Neurological, emotional, and behavioral disorders

-Reproductive disorders

-Skin disorders

Nutritional Therapy is more than a service--it is a partnership. I bring education and skill as the practitioner, my clients invest sincere commitment, possible lifestyle changes, and a positive attitude.

Within this 20-30 minute pre-consultation we will go over a health history form, discuss your current concerns and goals. I will then explain the consultation process from the initial evaluation to follow ups. 



Step 1:

Are you ready to kick-start your journey of healing and nourish your health at the root?!

In this 2 hour consultation, we will review everything from your health history and past food experience, to current symptoms, nutritional practices, lifestyle, and personal goals.


I will work collaboratively with you as your health coach to provide the tools and education to equip you to understand your body.  Then, tailored to your bio-individual needs, I will provide you with a dietary and lifestyle plan.

Nutritional Evaluation
and Planning


Step 2:

+Access to Client Benefits


$1/Minute(Average 1-2 hrs.)

Healing takes time. It is a beautiful process of equipping your body to restore and repair.


Follow-up consultations allow me adjust your nutritional protocol as you experience growth and keep you on track with your nutritional and lifestyle goals. As we meet for 1- 2 hours, every 4-6 weeks, we will evaluate your progress, discuss your successes, and problem-solve challenges you may have encountered. 

Step 3:

This service combines the Nutritional Evaluation and Planning along with 4 Follow-Up visits.

Nutritional Therapy is maximized over a 4-6 month time period. New habits take time to truly stick. As I coach you on nutrition and lifestyle, we will integrate change in a sustainable fashion.

Thriving Bundle
+Access to Client Benefit

$350 ($380-$630 Value)

A' La Carte Services!

Health starts in the grocery store! When you upgrade your shopping you upgrade your health.

Fashioned to your needs, I will take you on a personal, educational tour of local grocery/farm stores and farmers market's (when in season.) I will teach you tools such as where to find the "super foods" and how to avoid the toxins, how to know when produce is fresh, and strategies for choosing budget friendly AND nourishing foods.


Grocery Shopping
Client Benefit
Meal Planning
Client Benefit

Every plan must be executed! If you are too busy to cook or don't know where to start, don't worry, I am here to help you jump start your health journey!


Cooking is my one of my favorite parts of being a nutritional therapist. I love to prepare delicious, and more often than not, super easy meals. If you need assistance as you begin working with a variety of new meals, I can teach you how to menu plan, cook with, and preserve certain foods. And even get your freezer stocked for upcoming weeks while we're at it!


Kitchen Detox
Client Benefit


As you treat your body to a gentle detox through nutritional therapy, your kitchen will appreciate the same attention! It's truly a fresh season as you embrace lifestyle change.

This is a fun time for us to work together to clean out the foods no longer "on plan" and take inventory of your pantry, fridge, and freezer. Not only will I happily assist you in disposing of less than nourishing items (aka. your new antagonists!) I will also be an educating voice of how to stock a "healthy kitchen".

Thriving Health Nutritional Therapy of Alfred, NY

Maria Boyuk, FNTP


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