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Nourished Roots vs. Silenced Symptoms

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

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Have you ever noticed our culture’s approach to pain, sickness, and disease? When you have a virus, infection, digestive discomfort, arthritis, or any disruption to your health, what do you do? This week I want to challenge you with a fresh approach to supporting your health.

For many, instant gratification has become a popular demand. From fast food to high speed internet, my generation has lost an appreciation for the fact that to obtain or maintain any good thing, a process is involved. The same is true in supporting health. Many people want to eliminate discomfort or resolve an issue as fast as possible--take a pill or put a band-aid on it. This approach may provide instant results, for a time, but neglects to take care of the root issue.

Symptoms are valuable clues to an underlying dysfunction. Instead of quieting the symptom, it is essential to dig deep and discover what the root cause is. Any digestive issue is a great example of this! Our digestive system is a beautiful composition of organs with varying, but specific, pH levels and microbiomes. Stress and processed foods quickly altar these, resulting in dysfunction such as irritable bowel symptoms, food allergies, skin conditions, autoimmune diseases, and ultimately nutritional deficiencies which lead to a host of other health consequences.

Now often, to recognize a symptom as dysfunctional and get to the root of it, one must be trained to understand how the body should function in the first place. That is my job, and I love educating others on this topic. In the next few weeks I will be doing just that as I discuss foundational pillars of health: Digestion, Blood sugar handling, Hydration, Mineral needs, and Fatty acids. This will better equip you to understand your body and work towards nourished roots.

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