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Building a Thriving Lifestyle: Introduction

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

family walking

Health goes beyond the nutrients our bodies need for optimal function, to the lifestyles we choose and practice. I discussed this in my very first article when I defined “thriving health.” In order to steward, or restore our health, we need a holistic approach--nourishing our body, soul, and spirit. This has been my personal experience as well as practice with my clients. Thus, I want to embark on a new series defining and discussing practical elements of a healthy lifestyle.

My vision for this series is to impart balance. I am witness to a swinging pendulum of lifestyles in our culture. One lifestyle lends toward apathy, boredom, and lacking specific purpose. These individuals tend to seek pleasure and entertainment without goals or direction. The opposite extreme are those with a great work ethic who experience high productivity, but feel very overwhelmed--always waiting or hoping for life to slow down. No matter where we fall on that pendulum (myself included!), I believe there is always room for reflection and growth. This is possible because we choose our lifestyle. Allow me to define the term “lifestyle”, which, interestingly, was a word introduced around 1925. (Possibly, before the 20th century, the practice of reflection on one’s style of life was minimal due to the confining expectations of living within their social status.) This modern word, is a noun defined as “the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc. that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.[1]” Circumstances are not our lifestyle, for there are always circumstances in which we will find ourselves that are simply outside of our control. Rather, the definition above reveals that our choices are the driving force for the quality of our lifestyle. Thus, our choice of lifestyle will dictate how we walk through those various circumstances.

Our upcoming topics of discussion will include elements of health such as rest, recreation, stress management, vision, purpose, relationships, and exercise. As we journey together through this series, may we each be personally challenged and enriched. Not only will this allow us to grow as individuals and families, but as a community and culture.



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