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Building a Thriving Lifestyle: Defining Rest

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

June 2020 (Covid-19)

The last several months have been such a derailment of plans and goals for many of us. Whether out of work, working from home, or having plans canceled or postponed, it is easy to feel restless and anxious. Personally, it has been an interesting time to walk through while also transitioning into married life. Through this, I have taken the opportunity to learn about and practice more rest in my lifestyle. While I have written on rest before and work with clients on incorporating it into their lifestyle, it has also been something in which I want to grow.

It is more natural for me to be busy and feel productive, than to pause and rest. However, I am discovering how to marry rest and productivity in order to maximize my health and achieve my goals. Defining Rest Rest is a concept needing redemption in many of our lives. It does not mean laziness or neglect of responsibilities. Nor does it mean we cease to find our work pleasurable and rewarding. Rather, it is the tool with which we provide our bodies and minds to enhance the quality of all aspects of our lives.

First of all, how do you know if you are getting enough rest? Because rest is both physical and mental, when you are “deficient” in it, you will experience both physical and mental (emotional) stress. Symptoms include (and are not limited to): feeling overwhelmed, having difficulty quieting or relaxing your mind, low energy, upset stomach, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and overeating.[1] Another revealing symptom can be if you often comment that life is busy and you hope for things to slow down, then you are likely not getting enough rest.

Secondly, there are many aspects of rest and certainly a depth of fascinating research to evaluate the topic. For the focus of this series, I will divide rest into three categories: work-life balance, sleep, and fasting. Once we understand, appreciate, and execute certain principles in these areas, a thriving lifestyle will be built.

However, before we dive into these three aspects, I encourage you to take time this next week to evaluate your lifestyle of rest. Discuss with your spouse, a close family member, or friend how busy this season is and if you would like things to be different. What are your current symptoms of stress? Your active participation within this series will allow you to reap greater results from the principles I share. Thus, you will experience the simple truth that your lifestyle is in your hands rather than external circumstances. Allow me to simply be the guide and teacher to enable you to discover them.

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