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Keeping the Holiday’s Lite

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

How are you feeling after your Thanksgiving? The holiday is one of expressing gratitude, which nourishes us holistically. (See last week’s article on The Power of “Thanks-Giving”.) However, often the feasting leaves our bodies feeling stuffed like the turkey we polished off. Is it possible to fully enjoy this holiday season without becoming weighed down with “naughty foods” or even excess “nourishing foods”? There is a way to keep it lite!

American’s gain an average of 1-1.5 lbs/yearly. The heavier the individual, the higher that number is likely to be. [1] During the holiday season, from Halloween until two weeks after Christmas, half of this annual weight gain occurs. In other words, every year there is more of us “Americans” than there was before. Weight loss hits hard in January, but not enough. About half the weight will stick around through the summer season, until it is added to the next fall. [2] This is a vicious cycle, which we have come to anticipate as a culture, that takes a toll on our health. Even if you do not struggle with weight gain, if you participate in over-indulgence or simply indulging in processed foods, your digestive and blood sugar handling systems--which support the health of your entire body--suffer abuse.

The key to keeping it lite is your lifestyle! It is easy to compromise your diet during the holiday, but if you have a healthy dietary lifestyle, you are better equipped to navigate the feasting. Strategic goals form new habits, new habits shape our lifestyle, and lifestyle produces freedom and balance. For example, when I decide to eat a food, it is not based on if it will fit within my diet but if it is congruent with the integrity of my lifestyle. This leaves me empowered rather than feeling deprived.

“Lifestyle” is a trendy word in the health and fitness world, but how do you practically implement a lifestyle vs. a diet? This is always my focus when I work with clients or teach RESTART. So, in preparation for this holiday season, I want to explore the differences between these terms. I will offer you perspective and insight to encourage you in a fresh season of success which will lighten any burden you have gained!



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