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Thriving Health Reflections

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Maria Adam

Our lives are precious. The time we have every day and every moment is invaluable. Throughout the year of 2018, I wrote to you a lot about a thriving lifestyle--and how to take ownership of not simply your nutrition but the host of spheres within your life which build your lifestyle--purpose, time management, relationships, etc. A great deal of these writings were birthed from a cause in my heart: for individuals to understand that they have the capability to influence their circumstances rather than their circumstances limiting them.

I am continually challenged in this truth. This last year was not easy for me personally and in my business. It presented some greater challenges than I anticipated. Thankfully, life is not about me being perfect--but learning and growing. I have been shaped by the hard things, and am stronger for them. As a Christian, I am a co-laborer with Christ Jesus. I am able to accomplish my purpose as He equips me where I am inadequate. A very dynamic and deep verse reveals God’s redemptive nature despite the circumstances, “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”[1] I could take weeks to unpack this verse, but instead will simply share that I have unquestionably experienced it’s reality.

To make the most of last year’s experiences, it is beneficial to take time to reflect on them. This is part of the growing process. Let us learn from what worked and didn’t work. And, let us make sure the hard things don’t outshine the good. I have been surprised at how rewarding this process is! Here are some of my highlights from Thriving Health’s year:

✓Launched Alfred Sun column, Nutrition in a Nutshell. What an awesome journey to produce a weekly column! It took focus and energy. The process and product was enriching. And I am still here writing to you! ✓Increased RESTART classes- the volume, locations and fun!

✓Increased clientele. These are the people I dug in with deep. Together we made important discoveries for their health and grew in sustainable lifestyle change.

✓Experienced healing and breakthrough within my own health! I used several strict protocols and discovered root issues. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. I am now walking in a greater level of freedom and balance.

✓Launched new community classes: “Nourishing Our Family” and “How to Conquer the Craving.”

✓Joined the team at AU athletics to provide nutrition services to the Saxons! ✓Launched the first community dinner of delicious and nourishing dishes. I called it the “Holiday Party” and included the newly published Holiday Party Recipe Booklet.

✓Participated in Leadership Allegany program, hosted by Alfred State College, Houghton College, and Allegany Chamber of Commerce. This was such a growing experience for me as I developed personally, learned about our unique and dynamic county, and networked with other professionals. ✓Started a shadowing process with a community member who is interested in nutritional therapy as a profession. ✓Filmed and published my first Thriving Health video with Genesee Valley Media of Wellsville, NY. This video spotlighted the heart of Thriving Health’s services and mission.

As the readers of my column, you have been part of this journey and many of you were also involved in the above events. It is a privilege to grow with you as a community.

So, what are your highlights? As you reflect on 2018 you can also document your challenges and list one or two things you gained/learned from them. Then you will be building off of last year as you dive into this new season. Join me next week as I share with you how I intend to grow with Thriving Health in 2019!


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