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Thriving Health Resolutions

Updated: Mar 14, 2020


“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time.

Vision with action can change the world.”

Joel A. Barker

Goals and plans often unfold differently than anticipated--but that is part of the adventure in life! When we set our vision, we grow--simply by taking purposeful action. We become like a sailboat on the waves, propelled by the wind. This year I am excited to soar toward my destination in the greatest capacity that I can.

Thriving Health’s core vision is always to equip individuals and families to experience freedom and balance in their health. This requires a practical “rebuilding” of our lifestyles--from learning which real foods nourish us to how we can meal prep and prioritize our time to accomplish our goals. Additionally, my passion is continually growing to support family health through multiple generations.

So, here are some of my resolutions for 2019 and how I will combine vision and action to serve my community in the area of nutrition. Some of these are already in the works as we’re nearing the end of January!

• Expand the RESTART program: I am currently holding my first class at the Rise Above Wellness Center in Wellsville, NY which is a brand new location for Thriving Health. Also, within the 5-weeks of this program, I am including more recipe samples and participation from my groups as we create and share RESTART foods.

• Publish more live videos at Join me in my kitchen as I share with you more nutrition tips and recipe demos.

• Grow “Nutrition in a Nutshell”: In addition to writing more articles in the Alfred Sun on various nutrition concepts, expect to see bi-weekly recipes or nutrition tips.

• Increase the focus on family health: I will offer classes and more resources for those looking to build a healthy family--specifically from preconception through early childhood development. I will also write on this topic in articles to come!

• Host “Nourishing our Family” and “How to Conquer the Craving” classes: These are two classes which I produced and taught last year. They provide a great evening of education for all stages of health! I will refine and expand the content to enhance the teachings for this year.

• Launch cooking classes: I have received a lot of feedback from clients, RESTART graduates, and many Alfred community members who would love to learn more about cooking with real foods. These classes are still in the works--but you can expect hands-on training and some yummy food!

• Host more community dinners with include recipe booklets of the full menu: Nothing is more fun than our community gathering over a nourishing local feast. This is a time of connection and building relationships! I will bring you more delightful menus for you to enjoy and recreate within your home.

• Teach nutrition workshops in Bolivia: I am very excited to return to Bolivia! I will be serving in Cochabamba, Bolivia in May/June.

It is such a joy for me to serve in the area of food and health--it is life-giving and continually rewarding. This year, may we grow stronger in our health so that we can thrive as a community.

I would love to hear from you, my reader! Have you set any resolutions for this year that resonate with some of your values or long-term plans? By taking one step forward at a time, our vision and action can change the world.

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