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Culture's Impact on a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

wine and pasta

As a nutritionist, I equip individuals with nutrition protocols to support their bio-individual health. As a life coach, I journey with those same people to confront and conquer barriers, which .

This week, I share with you a simple reflection on our culture’s impact on our diet changes. The eating habits we practice are often based on the culture of the home in which we grew up. Depending on your story, that “food culture” may have a much stronger influence on you than others. Certain foods may comfort you, help you feel that a meal is complete, be an integral part of your family time and gatherings, and may even be tied to your identity. These dietary customs are built on emotional ties, often subconscious, and can be very powerful!

If you find that commitment to a healthier lifestyle change is challenging because of your food culture, I encourage "substitutions over eliminations," in which you preserve culture AND health! You can leverage your conviction for a healthier lifestyle to motivate change, then add creativity to modify traditions so that they are nourishing! For example, you can switch from white bread and pasta to unprocessed and nutrient dense sprouted grains. Or, try some coconut bread or veggie noodles! Personally, I am never robbed of sweet treats. I make cookies, cakes, etc. from nut flours and fruit and the occasional natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. Healthier substitutions do not mean deprivation, but a more energized, focused, and thriving individual.

This can take intentionality--to research recipes and create something in your kitchen rather than buying a quick, processed version. However, with the conviction and creativity discussed above, the process can be pretty simple and fun! And once you’ve discover your favorites, you’ll have them handy to go to next time. And-- voilá-- a healthier food culture to pass along to your family!

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