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Marrying Nutrition and Herbalism

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Although nutritional therapy plays a MAJOR key in your health, proper diet is not everything. There are other therapies that we need to intentionally incorporate into our routine in order to thrive. Herbalism is one of those. Without herbs, my work as a nutritionist would be highly stunted. For this reason, I am teaming with Mark Tulk, Clinical Herbalist, to bring you the class: Supporting Your Immune System with Herbalism and Nutrition. It will be this Sunday, November 10th.* So I want to take this week to wet your appetite with some thoughts on herbalism and immune health.

Herbs, in reality, are nutrients. So herbalism could be umbrellaed under nutritional therapy. However, there is a distinction between using a variety of fresh and dried herbs in your diet (which I highly encourage!) and leveraging herbal benefits at a therapeutic dose. Herbs are great for acute health concerns--they can kick out an infection, heal a wound, and act as a painkiller. They also are amazing for resolving chronic health issues as the nutrients work to repair the body to its optimal function.

Many pharmaceutical medications boast the same results as herbal remedies. However, the distinguishing difference is that herbs come without the side-effects. You can build your body without tearing it down at the same time.

As we are getting through cold and flu season, Mark and I want to equip you to effectively battle the sicknesses that your family experiences. The strategy is to build your body up against the sickness, rather than always utilizing medication which weaken your immune system--making you more susceptible to chronic inflammation and diseases. Remember, our bodies are designed to be disease fighting machines. When we provide them with the proper therapeutic nutrients we will enjoy vibrant health! Are you ready to marry the therapies of nutrition and herbalism in your lifestyle?

*For event details visit my events page!

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