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Healthy Birthday Party Menu

Birthday parties are meant to be fun and filled with yummy food. However, that does not necessarily mean sugary cake and candy. I love to create "typical" party food with a healthy twist of nourishing ingredients. This is what I did for my gluten-free, sugar-free wedding reception. It is what I do over the holidays. And now, it is what I have done for my daughter Zhana's first birthday!

I'm sharing the following recipes as inspiration and encouragement--not to set a standard which must be upheld in order to have a healthy lifestyle. It's okay to cook differently when feeding a crowd--all our food doesn't have to be local, organic, etc. Take small steps to switch over snacks and treats to healthier options. Ask for help--I had friends and family helping me make this food which was such a blessing. And, without a doubt, there is nothing better than finding a simple, delicious, and budget friendly menu to serve your friends and family!

Bunny Birthday Menu

Carrot Cake

This gluten free carrot cake is made with coconut flour, maple syrup, fresh spices, and iced with a maple cream cheese. The recipe is from the book "The Healthy Coconut Flour Cookbook." We decorated with fresh thyme leaves and red roses.

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

To accompany Zhana's carrot cake, we served cupcakes for all our guests. My mother in law, Valentina, baked and decorated these beauties! The recipe is from Paleo Running Mama:

Sugar Cookie Bunnies

These sugar cookies are made with cassava flour and coconut sugar. Topped with a tail of peanut butter and almond flour. I used a little raw honey to stick the tail to the bunny! I have used this same recipe for holiday sugar cookies.

Roasted Carrot Hummus

This easy carrot hummus bursts with flavor. I served it with homemade cassava crackers, celery and of course carrots!

Carrot Cheese Ball

This cheese ball in the shape of a carrot was delicious! My friend Tara Snyder prepared it using my Pine Cone Cheese Ball recipe and shaped it into a carrot. The top is decorated with curly parsley and the root with cheddar cheese.

In addition to all this bunny food, we had fruit and tortilla chips. And my mother in law blessed us with Ukrainian meats and a dessert called "Bird's Milk" made with whipped cream, sour cream, and healthy sweetener.

Such a lovely feast to celebrate Zhana!

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