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Our Precious Surprise!

Things have been very quiet at Thriving Health but busy and exciting for the Boyuk family! Last week we had big…and very precious…surprise! Baby decided to come early! My water broke Monday morning, labor started late that afternoon, and at 12:40am new life entered the world! Zhana Ellen Boyuk was born Tuesday, January 11th at 4lbs 11oz. She was just 34 weeks old!

Zhana means “God is gracious.” We chose this name long before we knew that God would pour out His amazing grace through this little girl. He gave Pavel and I grace for Zhana’s early arrival which meant a hospital birth instead of a planned home birth. God gave me grace to have a truly amazing labor and delivery–intense, fast, and all natural. And He poured out His love by giving Zhana grace to be healthy and strong at 34 weeks.

We are soaking in every moment with this little one–-6 weeks earlier than anticipated. Motherhood is a blessing that has changed my life forever.

Next week I will share a little more of Zhana’s birth story and the events of her first week of life as a preemie It was an amazing learning experience for me as a nutritional therapist supporting couples in prenatal and postpartum health. I hope you’ll enjoy joining me as I share this journey!

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