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Hydrating Skin Cream

Beef tallow provides an amazing MOISTURIZING cream for our skin! Along with a great lotion for maintaining a healthy glow, beef tallow is fantastic for pregnancy to prevent stretch marks! I also use it postpartum for myself and my little one. You can use a variety of essential oil blends--sometimes I just use lavender for a calming and low inflammatory oil. Other times use a blend of oils for hormone health or preventing acne. My go to brand is Young Living, but great brands include DoTerra and Vibrant Blue Oils.


1 Cup Organic, Grass Fed Beef Tallow

1/4 Cup Organic Almond Seed Oil

1 tsp. Organic Vitamin E Oil

48 Drops Grade A Essential Oils


Melt tallow in a saucepan on low heat. Once melted, add to a bowl with almond and vitamin E oil. Mix oils together with a spoon or hand mixer. Allow mixture to cool to room temp. Add essential oils and combine all of the oils well.

Bonus option: whip tallow blend with hand mixer until light like whipped cream. Store in glass jars. Enjoy!

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