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Thriving Health 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

As I launch this fresh year for my business, I am so excited to offer expanded and new services focused on fertility AND lots of support to mamas and their families! So much of my inspiration for new services and classes is building off the response from last year of many who follow my work and took my classes.

What did they request? One of the things was a postpartum class. After taking my prenatal class, during which I touched on some postpartum nutrition tips, they requested a separate class fully focused on postpartum. Along with this postpartum class, I plan to offer a preconception class for mamas and papas building up their health to prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

BONUS: These classes are packed with resources, available online and in person, and super cost effective!

I also heard from mom’s feeling burnt out from picky eaters, asking questions about when to introduce solids/stop breastfeeding, how to eat healthy on a tight budget and more! I want to bring you simple but dynamic classes where we get to dive into these topics and leave you feeling confident on what’s best for you and your family.

Are you excited to learn!?

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