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Bone Broth -RESTART approved

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Thriving Health Recipe: Bone Broth

How are you doing? Staying healthy, strong, active, yet quarantined? This is a very hard and challenging season for so many reasons. Unprecedented challenges combat our regular routine. As I daily recover from change, I am learning that it is definitely a time of great opportunity. Opportunity to reset priorities and enjoy investing my time differently--even if only for a short season.

For many, it is a time to prioritize health! What have you been doing to maximize your health and support your immune system? Bone broth is a super food full of minerals, electrolytes, and healing proteins-- collagen and gelatin, and 19 essential amino acids. Along with boosting the immune system, bone broth is recommended for joint health (arthritis) and digestive health (leaky gut, food allergies and intolerances) as well as to improve the health of our hair, skin, and nails!

Bone broth is super easy and even flexible! You can use different cuts of bone and enjoy flavor and benefits. The more marrow bones you use or chicken feet (yes, I did type chicken feet) the thicker your bone broth will turn out. This means there is more collagen and gelatin.

Feel free to also mix up the veggies. I often use celery, lemons or even apples!


4 pounds beef bones or chicken carcass (preferably partial marrow bones or add in 4-6 chicken feet)

2 medium unpeeled carrots

1 medium onion

4 cloves garlic

2 tablespoon cider vinegar

6-quart (or larger) stockpot or a large slow cooker


Fill the stock pot or slow cooker with ingredients. Add water to 1 inch of the brim.

Cover the pot and bring to a gentle boil. Reduce heat to a very low simmer and cook with 12 hours but up to 48 hours on the stovetop. The longer you simmer it, the better your broth will be. Add more water if necessary to ensure bones and vegetables are fully submerged. Alternately, you can cook the broth in a slow cooker on low for the same amount of time.

Remove the pot from the heat and let cool slightly. Strain broth using a fine-mesh sieve and discard bones and vegetables. Use immediately for soups or drinking or cool and refrigerate.

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