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Vitamin D: Postpartum

Wrapping up this focus on vitamin D, I want to touch on one more unique season when supplementing with this nutrient can be very beneficial: the postpartum season.

Nutrition support doesn’t stop once you’ve had your baby! The postpartum season is all about building mama’s health back up and continuing to nourish your developing new born. And if mama is breastfeeding, the baby's vitamin D comes exclusively from her milk.

For mama, Vitamin D continues to provide support for immunity, mood and brain health, bone health, thyroid health, and blood sugar metabolism AND prevent Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD).

For baby, Vitamin D supports immunity and the development and health of bones and teeth.

How much? Research reveals that mothers supplementing with 6,400 IU of Vitamin D is sufficient for both mom and baby. Of course, sunshine is the best source, so if you are getting lots of sunshine, it’s good to get your vitamin D level tested as you begin supplementing. And enjoy the benefits of this mood boosting nutrient!

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