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Vitamin D: Preconception

When I first started talking about vitamin D a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I will also share with you specific information on this nutrient within the context of fertility health. One of these reasons is because it plays an essential role in preconception and early pregnancy as it is needed to support embryo implantation and pregnancy viability.

If planning to or trying to conceive enjoy lots of vitamin D rich foods, take a high quality prenatal with vitamin D3, and of course, make sure you get your sunshine! Ideally we can spend about 20 minutes a day in the sun. Midday sun is the best time to absorb your vitamin D. And it’s definitely worth getting your vitamin D status checked. Since we get about 90% of our vitamin D from the sun, winter time can often lead to deficiency. And there are also many cofactors needed for the absorption of vitamin D. (This goes for everyone, not just those trying to conceive.)

If you find yourself deficient, after getting some sun, if possible, supplementation with a high quality vitamin D3 is often needed. Cofactors involved in our absorption of vitamin D include vitamin K2 since it works with vitamin D to maintain proper calcium status in our blood. As well as K2, adequate zinc and magnesium are necessary for proper vitamin D absorption.

Next time I will share with you specifics on vitamin D within pregnancy!

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