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Vitamin D: Prenatal

Mama’s Vitamin D levels directly affect the baby's vitamin D levels since vitamin D is passed via the placenta. It is an essential nutrient for a thrivi

ng baby in utero and after birth.

Baby needs Vitamin D to help support the formation of bones and teeth, immune system development, proper cell division, and maturation of lungs. Vitamin D can also support pregnancy outcomes, including carrying baby to full term and baby’s adequate birth weight.

Eating a diet rich in vitamin D is very important during pregnancy! But since we get about 90% of vitamin D from the sun, supplementing with high-quality vitamin D3 is also essential if you don’t spend enough time in the sun! Studies show that 4,000 IU per day for pregnant women is safe and is the most effective in achieving Vitamin D sufficiency in all pregnant women and their newborns, regardless of race.

Of course, get your vitamin D levels tested. Every mama is a bio-individual and may need to adjust dosage.

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