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Blueberry Crunch -RESTART approved

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Blueberry Crunch in a mug

I love to create simple treats from the whole foods in my kitchen. These ingredients will give you a balance of nourishing protein, fats and carbohydrates; support healthy blood sugar and provide a powerhouse of antioxidants. Plus, it’s full of flavor, crunch, and satisfaction!

⅓ cup frozen blueberries

2 Tbsp. coconut flakes

2 Tbsp. crunchy almond butter

Dash of Himalayan salt

Dash of pure vanilla extract

⅓ cup coconut milk, raw milk or raw milk kefir (I switch this up depending on what I have)

Optional: 2 tsp. Maple syrup or honey, or a dash of monk fruit.

I mix all the ingredients together in my favorite mug (you are welcome to use a bowl) and then pour over the milk. When I use kefir, I definitely add a sweetener to cut the sourness. Enjoy!

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