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Happy New Year from Thriving Health! We are a couple weeks into 2024 and life is beginning to settle back into a routine after the holidays. For Thriving Health, I am enjoying meeting with clients and preparing for maternity leave when our baby arrives in a couple months. This is also a fun “nesting season” as I organize our home and my business in motherly fashion.

This nesting season is also accompanied by an overarching vision which ties together all my new year goals. I decided on this vision, along with Pavel, during an annual retreat we took at the end of December. During this time we review finances, business/career goals, reflect on highlights and lessons from the previous year, and pray about vision for the new year.

Our theme for the new year is the word “excellence”. In essence, less is more. We want to focus on doing certain specific things in our life with greater excellence–greater order, intentionality, preparation, etc. All of my business and personal goals are filtered through this vision of excellence. It is very exciting and focused.

Have you ever considered having a word for the new year to cast vision and help you focus on specific goals? It is a rewarding practice that enriches our year with intentionality. Whether you adapt this exact practice or not, I encourage you to start this new year with purpose and defined goals. This will set you up for a successful year of growth.

Next week, I will begin sharing with you my series on Building a Thriving Lifestyle. Each article will provide insightful education and tips to support a healthier new year!

Comment below with your new year’s goals and resolutions!

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