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            certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, passionate about helping people find freedom in their health. Food should be fun...not stressful or guilt ridden. And eating healthy should be simple...not confusing. However, our modern food culture has created an epidemic of complicated health issues. As a nutritionist, food educator, and wellness coach, I am here to equip individuals and families to overcome these health issues and as a result, thrive.




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After being told by doctors that I was "fine" and everything was "normal" I started search for a natural path to health. I had anxiety, depression, insomnia, brain fog, no stamina, dry skin, and acne.


In October '16 I started seeing Maria...

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 I highly recommend working with Maria or joining the restart class! She helped me make small changes to my diet that I could maintain and I have lost 30 pounds with her help!

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